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CPU DasherX

GreenGames Studio

Genre: Utilities

Price: $0.99

Release Date: November 8, 2016

CPU DasherX is a smart app that shows a lot of information in 64-bit mode for Apple A7 or later processors. It lists the device info, CPU info, almost all the 64-bit ARM instruction set(including general-purpose instructions and SIMD & VFP instructions) and the performance of several common algorithms, such as matrix multiplication, sum of an array, color-to-gray image processing algorithm and image convolution algorithm.
CPU DasherX evaluate the execution performance not only via CPU, but also via GPU with the most advanced Metal API. Each algorithm optimization is sophisticated and elaborate. They will demonstrate how well your current device can perform and you can use specific strategy on different devices when you're making an amazing app.

This app contains no ads. it doesn't even connect to the network.

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